Spring Has Arrived

Our winter wood project went well. The contractor started in November but had to quit because of lack of frozen ground. They came back in January and worked into early March. One of the benefits was that they left us with a pile of Firewood Pilewood to work up as next winters firewood. I think there was around six cord of wood. I have just finished sawing it into 16″ pieces which will now need to be split into stove size wood, moved to the wood shed, lugged into the house arm full at a time and to cap it all off the ashes will need to be periodically emptied. Furnace oil is looking better and better!

We are in full blossom season once again. The weather has been great for the bees to pollinate the plants. Most days sunny with little wind. We rent 25 hives each year.

Usually we have a healthy amount of native bumble bees as well. They are great pollinators because they will work in weather that honey bees won’t. Unfortunately, we have very few bumble bees this year. Have no idea why they vary from year to year.

Years ago, when we first moved back to Maine from a foray into Texas and Louisiana, we planted huge gardens. We were back to the earthers before it became the rage. We did lots of canning and tried to preserve root plants as long into the winter as possible.

These days our garden has “down sized” to cukes and tomatoes. We do rely heavily on our walk in freezer and a chest freezer to keep lots of food ahead. Interesting how Covid brought back the urge to have a well stocked larder.