Wild Maine Blueberry Products for Sale

All of our Maine wild blueberry products are created here at our blueberry farm in Orneville Twp. just north of Bangor. Maine wild blueberries differ from berries from other states in size and taste. There are many varieties of the low bush Maine wild blueberries that blend to create such a sweet taste.

Over 40 years ago Worcester’s Wild Blueberries began simply as a blueberry farm that sent its Maine wild blueberries to a processing plant Downeast. It has grown over time now providing clean Maine wild blueberries to stores and farmers’ markets. Our Maine wild blueberry products are found in retail stores, craft fairs and on-line

Our first value added product was wild blueberry jam from Maine. It remains the best selling of all our Maine wild blueberry products. There are some who prefer jelly to jam. When we strain the berries out we are making wild blueberry jelly. It tastes like jam but the consistency is smooth.

Another favorite is wild Maine blueberry syrup. We boil down the berries to make the base for wild blueberry syrup. It has a delicate taste to pour on your pancakes, waffles and ice cream.

Today we sell a variety of Maine wild blueberry products. Whether it is wild blueberry jam, wild blueberry jelly, wild blueberry syrup or any of our other products, they are all made in small batches for maximum flavor and consistency. You should expect and you will receive high quality when you purchase any of our blueberry products from Maine. That’s a promise.

Lee & Everett,
Worcester’s Wild Blueberry Products, Owners/Operators