Farm News

Winter has arrived in Orneville Twp.. We have actually had an “open winter” up until recently. Only within the past couple of weeks have we had much snow. Our bushes are now “snug as a bug in a rug” and covered with a foot or so of snow. This actually serves as a nice warm blanket for the bushes.

We had a busy December with craft fairs, an open house here at the farm and lots of gift packs shipped all over the country. Consequently our inventory of products was depleted so we have been in the kitchen cooking trying to get ahead.  This is also the time of year when farmer’s markets have their annual meetings. We  have attended three so far and have three to go. Then in March or April there will be another round of meetings where new members at each market will be considered and voted on.

Each year the state sponsors a three day Agricultural Fair in Augusta where the various farm groups hold meetings and present various topics and training sessions. We spent one day in the Maine Woodlands Owners group sessions. This may seem strange but we have some 200 acres of woodland along with our blueberry fields and we have not been managing this woodland very effectively.  Time to hire a forester to help correct 30 years of neglect.

We spent a second day in other sessions. Lee attended a discussion of selling farm products to schools and I attended a couple of sessions on blueberry topics. One thing I learned was that there are some  270 species of native bees in the state of all shapes and sizes. We welcome all pollinators! I also drooled over the many tractors on display. “If papa ever gets any money.”