Blueberry Chutney


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12 oz or 1.35oz jar of deliciously flavored blueberries in the relish family. Great on crackers and cheese or as a side dish to chicken or pork. No party is a party without it. Chutney is used as a side dish especially with salmon or white fish as well as with turkey and roasted veggies.

What is chutney?

Whenever we have our blueberry chutney displayed as a sample at a craft fair, we are asked, “What is chutney?” “Is it jam?” “How do you use it?” Chutney is a relish or condiment. There probably are as many types as there are tastes. Chutneys may be based with fruit, herbs, spices or a combination of ingredients. It is most common in East Asia but is achieving an increase in popularity in the United States.

Worcester's Wild Blueberries