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1.35 Oz. Sampler Jellies - $2.50
12 Oz. Blueberry Jam - $6.50
8 Oz. Garlic Blueberry Jelly - $5.50
Blueberry Chutney - $7.25
Blueberry Pie Filling - $10.00
Wedding Favor Gift Box - $6.25 & $6.50
Blueberry Vinaigrette - $7.25
Blueberry Syrup - $7.25
Gift Pack - $20.00
Juice Drinks - $2.50
Blueberry Barbecue Sauce - $7.25

Shop Our Wild Maine Blueberry Products

Frozen low bush wild blueberries are packaged in 5 and 10 pound boxes. The box is surrounded by cold packs and inserted into a special perishable box for shipping. We package this item when the order is made. A 5 pound box of frozen blueberries including the special packaging is $46.50. Shipping price is developed according to Fed.Ex rates using packaging dimensions, weight and zip code address.We ship only Fed.Ex priority mail which will arrive at your door the next day around 10:30 am in the morning. Make plans for someone to be home to receive the frozen blue berries. According to Fed Ex the best time to send the order is on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Fed Ex does not deliver on the weekends.

Frozen Blueberries:  5 lb. box  $16.50
                                 10 lb. box  $ 30.00
For all shipping information call Lee at 1-207-943-8804


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Frozen Blueberries $46.50 each
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